25+ Best Heart Touching Messages Beautifully Written

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25+ best heart touching messages-beautifully written for her

25 best heart touching messages beautifully written
25 best heart touching messages beautifully written

In my life, I want to be yours forever. I want to make you the only true love that will put a smile on my face.

1. You gave me a reason to smile again, and you wiped away my sorrow with your love. I miss you so much.

2. A ray of sunshine in the midst of darkness, you are the most beautiful flower in this world. I love you.

3. Nothing is more beneficial than to find a good wife, who is ready to be yours forever. I love you so much.

4. I am in the castle of love, waiting for the one ideally created for me. When I met you, I believed you are my wife.

5. The powerful smile from you compels me to melt whenever I set my eyes on you. I love you, my heartbeat.

6. There is no love more than what you think than what you see. I see the most beautiful face girl ever.

7. Thanks to the love of my life, your attitude is a standard one, I must tell you; you are a precious gift.

8. If I can tell you more about how I feel about you, a book as huge as the sky cannot contain my words.

9. You are brighter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon, whiter than the snow and cooler than the sea. I love you.

10. I have come to realize that a life without you will be a complete burden on my mind. I can’t just live a day without you.

11. For all I care, you are the best girl ever seen in this world. Your love, respect and attitude are the best for me. I love you.

12. I don’t think I can lead a life without you. I need you all my life. You are my happiness, the one I cherish so much.

13. I have this confession, the one of true love. I swear, anytime I see you walking away, I shed tears of passion.

14. My life will always be incomplete without you. My life with you is the type formed from a divine table.

15. The sky is not the limit of my love for you. My love for you is ready to live beyond the sky and forever. I love you.

16. The love I have for you is beyond what an ordinary human can comprehend. It is a sign of the mercy of God.

17. The bond between us is of good love and empathy I have for you. You are the one my heart has chosen. I love you.

18. I could not stop loving you, and the reason is that since the very first day I set my eyes on you, I can’t think straight again.

19. Not even I a second, can I stop thinking about you? My dear angel, I miss everything about you never like before.

25+ best heart touching messages-beautifully written for him

21. What is the meaning of love? It is the great feeling of joy and pleasure I derive, whenever I set my eyes on you.

22. I am already hooked, and I am sure you understand I am hooked to you alone. I love you, my dear.

23. I miss you my happiness, you can’t understand the reason, but it is the truth. I love you beyond the ordinary.

24. Ii may not get you right, but deeply in my heart, I don’t want to be the reason why you cry. I love you, my love.

25. Sometimes, when I see walking away, it seems to like the world is coming to an end; such is the power of my love for you.

26.I may not be the kind of man you want, but believe me, I am always ready to put a smile on your face. I love you.

27. For how long shall it take me to recover if you eventually leave me for someone else? I may be in a coma for years upon the shock.

28. Life is sweet, but only when beautiful moments are spent along with you. I am in deep love with you.

29. I can sell the world to prove to you that I truly love you. I can do everything to please you. I am happy for you.

30. When you are happy with what you have, it means you are contented with it. I love you, and I am okay with you.

31. Your heart accepted me, and your soul is one of the most beautiful things ever seen in the world. I love you.

32. Who is it that can stop me from loving you if not God? I am sure God does not stop good things. I love you.

33. From the bottom of my heart, I have decided to be with you all my life. I am so much in love with you.

34. Thank you to my last man standing. I have paraded, rigmarole and searched everywhere, but I found you at last.

35. I can’t be this lazy not to try all my best to take good care of the man I love. You alone, I can shed my tears of passion for.

36. After several years of a failed relationship, I finally found you. You are my life and the best ever to be loved.

37. I don’t care about what impression people give about you. All I need is your love. You are my lifetime angel.

38. Whenever I need a wing to fly, I will definitely come to you. You are the true love God sent to me. I love you.

39. A handsome man of honour, I wish you know me better than you do, I swear, I have not revealed an inch of the kind of love I have for

40. It is hard to take a man like you for granted. Your character is of good conduct. You are my angel per excellent.

25+ best heart touching messages-beautifully written Girlfriend

41. Your eyes are like that of a beautiful gazelle, smiling at me like a moon that is ready to shine forever.

42. After many years of gestation period of passion, I finally germinated into the love of your life. I love you.

43. For sure, you are the best girlfriend in my life. You are that angel of passion who covers me with the garment of pleasure.

44. I doubt if there is any other girl better than you in this world. You are all I need in this world. I love you so much.

45. Who can replace you in my heart? There is no one, but he must be a God or a mother. I love you, my happiness.

46. This life will be fine only if we have someone that is close to our heart, a person of love and sympathy.

47. I never believe that things will be fine until I finally met you. You are the best for me. I love you, my heartbeat.

48. Could you believe that you are the best for me? After several hours of walk, only you I see.

49. I need a lady who will understand me — a lady of love and compassionate co-existence. I love you.

50. Every time, I ask myself what an angel means in human form, I see your beautiful face.

51. You are the zebra of my heart, well striped and well created. Beautiful angel, I miss you so much.

52. Who can tell me more about how I feel? No one else. Your presence alone can send a man to a love coma.

53. The charisma of your smile is specially created to put an endless smile on my cheeks. You are my perfect girl.

54. Don’t forget that we are meant to be. I love your smile, your able spirit to make a heart happy. I love you.

55. To the special one of my life, I know you understand how much you actually mean to me. You are my life.

56. Thank God for what you have become to me. You are my life, my heart and the air I breathe all the time.

57. I thank God for my life; I finally met the one that is meant for me. I love you, my heartbeat. You are my happiness.

58. There is nothing that will be more interesting than what your heart has accepted. Anytime I see you. I see love.

59. You are my orange of love, you are my nicest angel, and you are the only true love in this world. I miss you.

60. The most interesting people in the world look like you. They are the prettiest ever set eyes upon. I love.

25+ best heart touching messages beautifully written for Boyfriend

61. Your life is full of many interesting experiences; these have affected me in the most precious manners.

62. If I decide to spend the rest of my life with you, I don’t think it is a problem to do that. I love you.

63. A responsible child is of many good qualities. I love you, my dear, and you are my lifetime chocolate.

64. To the best of my knowledge, I am yet to find a man as nice as you are. I love you to the core. You belong to me.

65. For how long will it take to be with you if I replace my heart with the pleasure I derive loving you? I needed it to be until eternity.

66. The aura of your smile is so powerful that even the mountains testify that I am in deep love with you.

67. The heftiness of my love for you is a Rock star; it is always there all the time. I miss you, my heartbeat.

68. To the one I wish to spend the rest of my life with, you belong to me; I need you so much because you are my life.

69. The effect of your love in my life has always been the reason why I am happy today. I love you.

70. A good angel like you is rare in the realm of love. You have finally accepted to be the best for me.

25+ best heart touching messages-beautifully written to wife

72. The aim of my heart is to find a wife who will be glad always because I succeeded in making her happy.

73. When I was told you would be getting married to me, my body was cold, and I began to think like a man.

74. Please, I want you to know that you are mine; you are my life and the best for me. I love you.

75. Whenever you want to give up in life, don’t forget that I am always there for you.

76. If you actually need a shoulder to lean upon, don’t forget that I will always be there for you. I love you.

77. Nice meeting you in my life, you have taught me how to care and love for selflessness.

78. I don’t actually know why I love you voluntarily. You are my life. My joy and I miss you.

79. For all my life on this earth so far, I am yet to see someone that can replace you in my heart

80. The flower of my eyes, how are you doing? I need you to be a focus on your study. I love you.

81. I am a bit small, but what I loaded on my head for you is a special gift only a wife deserved.

82. Let me tell you a secret, do you know that people say good things about your beauty?

83. I need you to know that you are my life angel, the one I want to be with all my life.

84. Come and dwell in my heart; that’s exactly what I want from you. I need you so much. I will always be yours.

85. Give me the opportunity to be yours forever. You are my life, my oxygen and the missing rib of my life.

86. It worth being in love with you forever. You are my happiness and the one I cherish the most. I love you.

87. What can I say than to always be happy that you are part of my life? I will never forget this great privilege.

88. One of my top priorities in life is always to take good care of you and your kids.

89. A woman that sacrifice has a heart for me to marry her deserves every good thing from me. I love you so much.

90. I never want to stop loving you. You are my angel, the only true love I can always count upon. You are for me, always.

91. If you give me the reason to love you, I will always be yours all my life. I miss you so much. I need you.

 25+ best heart touching messages-beautifully written husband

93. I have always wanted to put a smile on your face because you are my chocolate husband. I love you.

94. I need you all my life, and the reason is that you are the most interesting husband, rare to find.

95. You promised and also fulfilled your promise to me. I love you all the way. You are my happiness.

96. You are my life, the one I cherish with all my life. You are the best I need to be my husband.

97. I will always be yours forever. You are the most angelic passion ever met. I love getting back to you.

98. To the one, I cherish with always, always understand that you belong to me. You are the best for me.

99. It is rare to find someone that is ready to do everything for you; now that I found you, I am okay.

100. Loving you is a beautiful experience. You are my happiness. You are my life, and I love you.

101. Your passion got to the endless part of my heart; it does not change at all. I love you.

102. I love you, my life partner, you have been a good father and a wonderful husband.

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